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Welcome to Music & Narrations (aka M&N)! I'm glad you made it to my music education resource website. I am an elementary school music educator, who also teaches private lessons for all ages. My formative training in classical voice performance and composition have served me well in the classroom as I seek high quality content for my students to learn and play with. Many times, I struggled with finding a song that both helps teach the concept I want to focus on and is also fun and musically-rich enough to engage the kids. With M&N, I hope to alleviate that concern for anyone with similar issues. This is a catalog of my most precious gems for the classroom as well as songs designed for a concert performance. They are all originals that I chose to share with you, as I've shared in my own classroom and got to see the faces light up when they experience something so fresh and original.

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The intention is not only to produce highly educational songs, but also to provide you a basis for each song, along with some suggestions on approach and concepts. But you are more than welcome to take it further, for example, make up a game or activity based on any of the songs - wherever your creativity takes you. I just ask if you post anything on social media, use the #MN tag and mention 'Colin Porter' or 'Music & Narrations' for credit.


I am always (I repeat, ALWAYS) working on new material. Whenever one hits the right 'chord', so to speak, I put it up on this site. Have fun introducing these brand new contributions to the kiddos and please keep me posted on how it goes!

Colin Porter, M&N founder/composer

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

You may also find my podcast at most major outlets, including Spotify, Amazon, iHeartRadio, and Listen Notes. Full list of links here


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