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proud father ~ K-5 and private music educator ~ audible/ACX narrator ~ multi-genre composer ~ vocalist ~ educated at the Eastman School of Music (M.M. '08), Virginia Commonwealth University (B.M. '06)

As a general music teacher, I am always on the search for new and exciting musical opportunities for my students. Any music educator would know exactly the incredible amount of time and resources that are involved in the planning process and how often we encounter the unexpected in the classroom. My main mission in sharing these precious gems here on M&N is to help spread musically rich and engaging songs throughout our community of young musicians. All songs on M&N are originals and offer a unique perspective to teaching music. There is always another layer to peel off (the creative opportunities are endless)!

My intention is to pass along what's been put in my heart after all this time and spread the power of music education, rehabilitation, and magic of creativity with you and your kiddos!


Music & Narrations works hard to serve its purpose and bring hope and inspiration to all.


Thanks for visiting!

~Colin Porter


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