proud father ~ a music teacher to K-8th graders ~ audible/ACX narrator ~ music composer ~ music producer ~ multi-genre vocalist ~ Eastman School of Music alum ~ creativist 

No one was more surprised than I when I found myself suddenly singing freely for the first time in over a decade. Although I always had my physical voice, my musical VOICE was lost. The thing I had put so many years of extensive training into, as a singer and storyteller, was fighting its way back and I eagerly embraced the long-lost inspiration.

The passion I once had for making stories, writing music, playing various instruments, creating!...all the things in which I naturally engaged myself since the tender age of 3...became dreadfully overshadowed by a debilitating fight with depression and fear which falsely led me to believe that I was done with it all.

Not true. Fear, pride, and shame may very well show up in a person's heart, especially that of an artist. But it must not be allowed to stagnate. Our gifts, whatever they may be, must be cultivated and shared on a continuing basis - we all need connection.


My intention is that my Music and Narrations will serve its purpose and bring hope and inspiration to all.


Thanks for listening!

~Colin Porter


Atlanta, GA, USA

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