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Audiobook Narrator

A Professional Audiobook Narrator and Audiobook Production Services

Converting your novel or story into an audiobook is now the industry standard. Audiobooks are a great way to help new readers find your material. You just need to make sure that your audiobook narrator and audiobook production are up to the task.


A good audiobook narrator can bring life to your story without changing the core of your writing. As an audiobook narrator, it's my job to work with your text and my voice acting talent to bring a spoken life to your writing. I have experience recording for several audiobooks and adding your next project to my list would be my pleasure. A good audiobook narrator does more than just read your text aloud. You want your audiobook to sound like someone's telling you your story not like you were being read to. That's where my skills as a professional audiobook narrator come in. I have years of experience and I can read your texts with the life and energy that brings more than just reading off the page to your listeners. Beyond narration, I offer full audiobook production services.


Finding good audiobook production is one of the most difficult parts of assembling an audiobook. Many otherwise good audio books fall short due to poor audio quality. Listeners can tell right away when someone is using a low-quality microphone recorded in their bedroom. If you want your audiobook to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, you're going to need the quality that only a professional audiobook producer can bring. Don't settle for rushing out in an audio book that sounds like it was recorded on a cellphone. I'm more than happy to work with you to produce your next audiobook and make sure it sounds as professional as it possibly can be.


If you're looking to start your next audiobook project, get in touch with me today. I can help you sort through all of your production and audiobook narration needs.

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