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Wind Cave is a murder mystery novel, based on a true story, written by author, John Eric Ellison ( I am proud to be the narrator and producer for the audiobook version. - CP

"The voice acting is a topic for itself. Every character was acted differently and it was so easy to follow the story due to the fact that every person had a unique voice. The experience was fantastic." -Lazar M. (Serbia) on WIND CAVE

Purchase A Toast to the Men here

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A Toast To The Men is a book that will make you laugh, cry, and think. Additionally, it will motivate you to be a better leader, citizen, father, and spouse. After reading A Toast To The Men, you will walk away full of inspiration and more focused on accomplishing your goals. You will also find yourself making wiser decisions. This book speaks directly to boys and men of all ages, but women are welcome to eavesdrop. S.D. Booker is an author who shares real and relatable stories of his own life. He has created a tough-love "conversation piece" that will show men how to thrive in this world successfully. No other book in circulation is as transparent and vulnerable as A Toast To The Men (written by S. D. Booker).

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