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Best Audible Narrators

Audible Narration for Your Next Project

Audible narration is one of the best ways to add integrated value to your next written project. Increasingly, we're finding that ebooks and audiobooks are being sold together. Rather than treating these two things as separate markets and separate pieces, publishers are increasingly selling them together. When customers purchase your book, they will be looking for an option to add audible narration as well as the text itself. This means that you should be on the lookout for the best audible narrators.


What sets the best audible narrators apart from the crowd? It's all in how we read your text. I have years of experience as a singer, songwriter, and voice actor. I know how to speak with a dictation that doesn't just sound like I'm reading, but sounds like I'm bringing in a whole new life to your text. Your audience doesn't want to sound like they're being read too. They want to hear the voice of the story come alive when they listen to an audible book or an audible narration option. This requires working with an artist who has spent the time to home this craft.


I have several audible narration projects under my belt as well as years of experience in audiobook production. I know this industry inside and out. When it comes to recording audio interpretations of books, this is a market that I'm intimately familiar with.


As an artist that is also working as a producer, I know what it takes to set up the best possible audio recording for your next audio project. I have the equipment and the skills it takes to record professional sounding audio. Listeners can tell right away when the audiobooks are listening to has been recorded with less than the industry standards. This is one of the biggest factors that can separate a professional project from the rest of the audio book crowd.


If you're looking to record your next audiobook or audio narration project, get in touch with me today and see how I can help you take your next recording to somewhere special.

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