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Allez, Gretto is a teaching song for kids which follows the adventures of Gretto, who ends up giving rides to friends all the way to France, where he realizes he has run out of time - even though he did traveled faster and faster along the way. I guess times flies when you're having fun!


Pocket Song is a fun semi-cumulative song for elementary music who enjoy solving puzzles. This one has a coded message. Each time a new animal friend falls into my pocket, I asks its name...each name being a clue to the puzzle. Of course, the answer is revealed at the end. Can you figure out the answer without skipping ahead?


This jazzy classroom transition song can be used in any elementary music class. It is bouncy and sure to reinvigorate your kiddos on the way to the next activity! It is completely customizable, which is why you are given multiple MP3s to suit your needs. Included is the full mix, a mix with only the background vocals (if you choose to go along with the guide lyrics and actions, and also a complete instrumental (no vocals) in case inspiration hits you and you want to come up with your own actions during the song. Your students will LOVE it!

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