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Music Writer

A Songwriter and Music Writer for You

As an experienced music writer, songwriter and song writing generator I have the skills it takes to help you complete your next musical project. No matter what the scope of your project, I have the ability to help you realize your musical dreams.


Bands that are looking for an experienced songwriter can find my services particularly useful. I have been an active indie musician for years and got my start in this industry teaching music to kids. When it comes to being a music writer, I bring the same energy I had in the classroom to each of my sessions as a songwriter. I can work with you and your artists to help create a sound and a style that matches your goals and needs. We can work together when coming up with your next hit song.


A musician is more than just a song writing generator, they are someone who can inspire and bring joy to their audience. When it comes to music, I can help you realize these goals. It’s not just my experience behind the mic that has given me my talent as a songwriter.


I have spent years honing my craft as a producer. By being both in front of and behind the mic, I have a holistic approach to making music. Rather than just be on the outside looking in, I’m right there with my artists in the booth and the technicians working those sliders. No matter what your recording needs are, I have the skills to help your next project come to life.


Songwriting is all about making connections with people. That’s why my background as an educator is so important. I can help tease out all of the little details that make a song a hit. When you are looking to start writing your next song, start things off on the right foot by working with a professional songwriter.


This can set your next project apart from the crowded songwriting scene. There are more music artists today than ever. You need professional songwriting and recording services to set you apart from the rest of the artists out there. You want to start your next recording out right. Starting with a professional songwriter and producer gives you the edge you need with your next breakout song.


If you are about to start work on your next song, get in touch with me. I can help you work on your next masterpiece. My years of experience can give you the edge you need to start your career as a musician on the right foot!

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