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"Don't just participate...CREATE!" A reminder that sometimes 'participation' is not only about attending a class, doing an activity, or being involved in a community. If the events of the last few years have taught us anything, it may be that we can often expect to be confronted with opportunities which allow us to adapt, do extra, and leave our own personal stamp, hopefully inspiring others to do the same. Creation is a gift we all have - CREATE is meant to inspire your pursuit of creation, regardless of the difficulties. It is the perfect uplifting concert piece for upper elementary grades or middle grades.

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My Folks


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Folk music, like any other music, has taken several different forms and shapes over the years. However, the folk songs that 'come from history' are particularly special. Something about the ones we choose to pass down from generation to generation...region to region (whether written or orally) makes it that much more personalized. With that in mind, MUSIC & NARRATIONS proudly presents "My Folks" for your listening enjoyment. Who knows? This one could join other 'folks' in their journey throughout future generations...

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Act Right Blues


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"They said it's a matter of time before I crossed that line..." oops! Look, we all get the blues from time to time, and sometimes it can be difficult to keep treating others nicely while we are feeling bad. ACT RIGHT BLUES encourages you to talk it through BEFORE that line is crossed and to remember the people who are around you for support. This is a blues song, yes, but it's also a feel-good blues song! How is that possible? Great opportunity for reinforcing SEL principles.

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