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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I am extremely proud to say that we are now in the very final stages of preparing the new Wind Cave audiobook for release this August! It will be available on Audible.com, and other various platforms. For those veteran readers and audiobook listeners, you will not be disappointed in this mystery thriller. For those who aren't much into traditional reading and perhaps haven't yet joined the quickly-growing vast world of audiobook customers, yet enjoy cinematic and theatrical entertainment, this is a perfect segue for you! In this production, I have combined voice narration with original music, composed specifically to accompany the narration. In the story, you will find that the vantage points often transition between a group of tween-aged kids and the darker, supernatural, elements that drive the narrative. Short musical motifs, strategically positioned, help the listener to follow along without distraction.

The book is: set in the town of Bend, Oregon, U.S.A., (and surrounding communities), mid-20th century -- based on a very real murder mystery -- written by John Eric Ellison, copyright 2003 -- full of character variety and suspense.

**Click on WIND CAVE (NEW!) in the above menu and enjoy the special trailer and sample we've created. I invite you to join the NO-SPAM Music and Narrations list now so you won't miss announcements on PRE-ORDER and RELEASE!

The actual wind cave 18 miles outside of Bend, OR. Picture taken around the time of the murder.

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