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Top Tips for Hiring an Audiobook Narrator

So, you're ready to take your book to audio. It is a big step in your career as an author. It's all at once exciting and maybe a tiny bit frightening. Your audiobook narrator plays a massive role in your book's success. Audible narration entails a lot more than merely being able to read. It requires a specialized person to bring your words to life. The following tips are in place to help you hire the best narrator for your book. It's important to remember, the best narrator for one book may not be the best for a different book. That's why choosing the right person is so important. You have to be more than a great narrator to be right for a particular book.

Before You Audition Narrators

Well before you audition narrators, you have to do some work to prepare for the auditions.

  • Find passages for your narrator auditions. Avoid giving pages, as the narrator isn't able to show as much range with pages.

  • Choose passages that let the narrator show his or her voice range.

  • Determine your character's dialect so you can share it with the narrator.

  • Keep the audition short. Three passages are more than enough.

  • Describe each character.

Now It's Time to Put Your Book Out for Bids

Now that you've chosen passages provided character descriptions, and provided potential narrators with everything they need to audition, put the book out for bids. Narrators will provide you with samples of them reading your words. As you listen to them, narrow down your list of potential candidates until you find the perfect one.

Things to Keep in Mind for This Important Decision

Once you have some samples to review, consider what you want. Does the narrator sound like your character? A good narrator should not feel like they are reading, and it should be natural. A good narrator should be able to read without sounding breathless.

Now it's time to choose your narrator. With the right narrator, your book can take off. Audiobooks are an excellent alternative for those who are too busy to sit down and read. They can listen to their publication in the car or while working out at the gym. You'll love being able to listen to the book that you wrote come to life thanks to the fantastic narrator that you choose. Enjoy the experience of creating your first audiobook. It's a memory that you'll cherish.

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