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Voice Story

Narrative Storytelling Meets Music and Narrations

It’s time to tell your story. Narrative storytelling is one of the greatest ways to connect both storytelling with your work as a musician. I can help current musicians branch out from their current careers into the world of voice story. I can work with you to tell your next story no matter how technical or complicated your text. I can help you connect music and narrations with your next project.


Storytelling and music are deeply connected. When you write a song, you are telling a story to your listeners. As a songwriter, I can help you connect your skills as a storyteller to the beauty of song. Music helps us tell stories and connects us to each other. Music and story were meant to go together.


I am proud to be a professional voice story artist. When you are recording an audiobook you need an artist that can do more than just record. I have experience recording narrative storytelling for a variety of audiobooks. I can connect music and narrations into your project to help you tell the story you want to tell.


I got my start with music recording in education and teaching. I carry that inspiration into every recording session I start. When I taught kids music, I knew that each day in class was something amazing. Teaching is all about connecting ourselves with the importance and meaning of music. That same lesson applies to teaching as well as it applies to recording and songwriting.


If you want to explore narrative storytelling, get in touch with me today. I can help you record your story and lend my vocal skills and talents as a songwriter to your next project.

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